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Our Daily Best: Week of Nov. 15th

From Free Google Marketing Tools to Design Inspiration to the Sweetest of Spots. The week is over so it’s time for you to see what you missed while you were working so hard!


Karen gave you reasons to do more than just Google yourself with 9 Free Google Marketing Tools on Monday’s “Marketing Tips & Bits” including our favorite, Google Insights.


On Tuesday, we double dipped ya with the Monthly Sweet 16th “Sweet Spot” for some spiced treats and “The White List” where you learned it’s ok to break email rules. Just not your mamas.


Mark inspired designers once again in his “Graphic Design Roundup“, with 12 jam packed links that include 5 Free Online Alternatives to Photoshop.


All you baby bloggers out there got 13 Tips for Beginning Bloggers as part of ol’ Rusty’s “The Social Media Sheriff“.


If that wasn’t enough, Paul came in with a ton of photography tools and resources to keep you shooting, with this week’s “Photobomb” and showed you the Newly Crowned World’s Largest Photo.

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