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Our Daily Best: Week of May 2nd

A week that will be recorded in history books, the beginning of May will be permanently etched in our memories. Tips & Bits touched upon a simple form of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty programs. Then we got busy making greeting cards for mom with the help of The Art of Design. Graphic Design Roundup took us on a whirlwind tour of logos, cartoons, invitations, tools and more.


Tips & Bits dealt out a handful of thoughts on the marketing technique of the customer loyalty card. An affordable tactic even for small business owners, these easy to create programs can provide incentives for repeat customers and long-term relationships that can lead to business success. 


The Art of Design helps us get ready for Mother’s Day with tutorials, samples, inspiration, free typefonts, and tips from the Greeting Card Association on the creation of, you guessed it – greeting cards! There’s even a fold-out, mini-garden greeting card for those who want to want to go green. Wish mom the best from all of us at Next Day Flyers.


Graphic Design Roundup served up a massive buffet of ideas, art and words. We met 10 people who help shape the internet, devoured a huge helping of 100 logos, sampled 20 fashion websites, snagged 10 tools for testing website speed, downloaded 20 minimalistic wallpapers and smiled at 15 clever website slogans.


Photobomb made us pause to reflect on such topics as which reflector to use, valuable tips from the Royal Wedding photographer on posing children, exploring the instagram phenomenon, understanding resolution, as well as a dozen tips on how to run a smooth photoshoot. As always, a wide ranging collection of worthwhile information.


Here’s hoping our paths cross again on Monday!

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