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Our Daily Best: Week of May 23rd

While preparing for the 3-day Memorial Weekend, our thoughts turn towards those who have suffered the devastating forces of nature and our hopes and prayers go out to them. Here at the blog, we started out with a lesson on how to probe our customers. Next we immersed ourselves in business card design and creation with FREE templates and tutorials. Close behind was a marathon of FREE stuff to inspire and assist graphic designers everywhere.


Tips & Bits asks the question, “To survey, or not to survey…” – take in over a dozen useful and practical tips on how to conduct a survey to help you improve your business. For those who are into data, this is a tasty morsel to digest.


The Art of Design gives us everything we need to create the fundamental marketing tool – the business card. View more than 300 designs to inspire you, take advantage of nearly 100 FREE templates, and study close to 150 tutorials to make you the business card maven.


Graphic Design Roundup showered us with FREE shapes, icons, templates, type fonts, textures, tutorials and more. Not only will you find inspiration, you be shown how to do it, and given the resources to do it with! You just can’t ask for more, can you?


Photobomb drops its largest payload yet! Architecture, automotive, underwater, portrait, nighttime, abstract and surreal photography are just a sample of the diverse topics you’ll find. Load up on inspiration, tips and tutorials – you’ve got a 3-day weekend to shoot everything in sight!


Hope you get out of town early on the Memorial Day Weekend-eve! Drive carefully and don’t forget the sunblock! See you next TUESDAY friends – we’ll be sleeping late on Monday.

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