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Our Daily Best: Week of May 16th

The end is near….. The end of the week that is!

What a week it was! Filled with new technology, limitless capabilities, vast collection of knowledge, and the inspiration of your world shining upon you. Just another week for us here at the NDF Blog!


These ain’t your mama’s bar codes. You have probably seen a QR code and probably haven’t realized it. Imagine what you’re missing! Tips & Bits explores what QR codes are, why you’ll be seeing a lot more of them and how to even use them for yourself!


We reached the final product in our The Art of Design series. Fear not, we’ll be going back through them again to keep you updated on the latest and greatest inspiration, tools, tips and tutorials to keep your print products at their best. The final product? The limitless world of die cuts!


Do you know everything? If you are like us, you always are up to learn about something new. So the Graphic Design Roundup came to your aid with an insane amount of tutorials! Along with inspiration to get the brain juices flowing and free downloads to give you a great starting foundation. Now get creating!


While tutorials were the theme of Wednesday, inspiration became the theme for Thursday’s Photobomb. So much wonderfully crafted photography your camera will be jealous. Plus a few tips, tools and tutorials to keep you on point as much as your camera.


Have a great weekend and hopefully we’ll see you next week for even more of what you expect from us and Our Daily Best.

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