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Our Daily Best: Week of March 7 – 11

It’s been another seven revolutions of the globe and chances are you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of work. Catch up with the latest and greatest in design and marketing before another minute passes you by.

Get the scoop on Infographics! This exciting way to communicate complex ideas using a combination of graphics and words is exploding. Catch up with this trend in Tips & Bits.

Created to invoke the image of the music inside, the CD Cover is a vital communication vehicle. Make use of free templates, design tips and resources that will help make your music pop.

Graphic Design Roundup appeals to your heart and wallet with 500 FREE PSD Web UI Elements, 22 FREE sets of arrow shapes, 40 FREE File Type Icons and 2 collections of explosion-art.

It’s Photobomb’s How-To Extravaganza! How to do a fashion-shoot with an iPhone, how to take shots in the dark, how to combine light and texture, how to shoot your best friend and more.

The week wraps up with a practical tutorial on ways to make your on-line community feel welcome by creating blogs, websites and emails that speak the language of your customers.

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