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Our Daily Best: Week of March 14th

Recently updated on November 6th, 2017 at 11:34 pm

Meet ODB or Our Daily Best, our weekly recap of the best our team of bloggers has served up in order to keep you entertained and informed about the latest printing, design, and marketing trends. Over these last few days, we’ve shared ideas that will impact your website, your resume, your marketing and your worldview.


Tips & Bits explains why effective marketing needs to exemplify all of the characteristics of the art of storytelling in order to make a lasting impression on its audience.


Honestly? We took a break.


We returned on Wednesday though! If you’re looking for work, you’ll love Graphic Design Roundup’s FREE professional one-page resume template and other freebies including business cards and web design guidance.


The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan gave rise to images that no one will forget. This week’s Photobomb asks us all to reflect and take a moment to appreciate our own health and safety. Links to sites where one may donate to the relief efforts are readily available.


What’s the way to end the week? With The Simpsons of course! Friday’s grab-bag brought you all the funny business cards that have come from one of the funniest TV shows in history; (sing with me) Thhheee Simmmmpsonsssss!

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