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Our Daily Best: Week of June 20th

Summer has officially begun, so break out the sun block and get ready to move your laptop outside! Longer daylight hours let you put in a little O.T. and go the extra creative mile.


Tips & Bits went MIA! We experienced some serious car trouble and just didn’t make it in to the office. Sorry. Did you miss us? Did you notice? Check back next week.


The Art of Design demonstrated the benefits of sticking with it! Discover a wealth of inspiration, tutorials, samples, tips and ideas for putting stickers to work. This underappreciated marketing tool is highly versatile and lots of fun. We also enjoyed some rather creative interior decorating directions and ideas for decorating objects with stickers.


Graphic Design Roundup delivered a super-sized serving of subject matter. Check out these die-cut business cards and rack card designs. Scan an inspiring selection of Blog designs, funny t-shirt designs and music logos. Learn how to create a magazine cover. Grab yourself some FREE music player templates and eBooks for web designers. And get a job with these excellent designer resume samples. It’s all covered in this well-endowed post.


Photobomb sheds light on LYTRO, offers tips for flash use, provides a tutorial on Photomerge Command, gives guidance on photography design, reveals underwater photo tips, offers an entertaining lesson on how to make a cardboard lens, unfolds DIY softbox instructions, and dispenses advice on how to avoid being a Bad photographer. Now shut me up, shutterbug!


The week wraps with our usual recap of our four regular posts and invites you to discover our weekend lineup in-between doing your chores and errands, spending time with friends and family, and hauling your patio furniture and camping gear out of the garage or attic. We’ll be back in a mere 72 hours!

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