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Our Daily Best: Week of July 4th

This week started with a bang! Literally. We hope you remembered your ear plugs and had an enjoyable 4th as you celebrated our country’s 235th year of Independence! As the smoke clears we’ll dive into some of the design inspiration that keep you fresh and sassy!


We saw fireworks in New York, Boston and right outside. The shop was closed up tight and everyone spent the day with family and friends.


Tips & Bits provided a crash course in “Content Marketing” with two dozen ideas for putting this tactic to work for your business. It’s probably easier than you think – so jump in with both feet.


The Art of Design satisfied our hunger for menu design. We devoured a huge serving of vectors and templates, digested informative how-tos, tasted topics such as errors to avoid and readability, and sampled a banquet of designs for restaurants and weddings. Bon appétit!


Graphic Design Roundup unleashed a stampede of 1000+ Photoshop actions, 500+ FREE PSD Web UI elements, 60 website templates, 25 iPhone apps you can’t live without, Adobe Illustrator tutorials galore,  plus a herd of tips to help out with logo and landing page design.


Photobomb released a huge cargo of examples including Bokeh photos, conceptual photos, Droste Effects, one-point perspective photos, 3D-like animated photos, and humorous photos. Plus a bonus of 10 FREE photo editing sites, 26 up-and-coming photo sites, and an array of inspiring logos left you reeling from a surplus of visual stimulation.


There’s a whole new week of informative posts and inspiring designs when you return on Monday. See you then.

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