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Our Daily Best: Week of July 18th

Here in So Cal, we’re happy to report that we survived “Carmageddon.” The roads were open for us to get back to the office in plenty of time to provide you with the next fresh batch of marketing expertise and design inspiration.


Tips & Bits had us rolling up our sleeves and embarking on a Do It Yourselfer’s approach to developing a marketing plan. This is a great time to carry out this exercise if you have not already done so for your business.


The Art of Design we learned the ins and outs of ticket designs. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait in line to get a stadium-full of concert and event ticket design ideas, raffle ticket templates and tips, plus samples and examples of effective tickets you can put to use right away.


Graphic Design Roundup celebrated our newest product, 70lbUncoated Opaque Letterhead, with an interesting collection of letterhead designs from the 1940s to inspire you.


Photobomb brought us an arsenal of info on how to shoot better portraits (in the sun and in the studio), how to keep backgrounds in perspective, how to manually focus an autofocus lens, lighting for macro flower photography, the right way to overcome the challenge of shooting eyes, and some assorted ideas for self-promotion.


Free Fridays makes its fabulous debut! From now on, we’ll fill your hearts and minds with a grab bag of FREE stuff including graphic design elements, design templates, Photoshop actions and much more. Today’s kickoff presents 101+ Business Card Templates. (Or, if your name happens to be John Doe, you can use them as completed files.)


It looks like we’re on the downhill side of July. Many projects are behind us but a whole new assortment of challenges lie ahead. Now it’s time for a two-day break from the office to catch up on all of those chores and errands waiting for us at home! See you Monday with a new lineup of resources and encouragement.

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