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Our Daily Best: Week of July 11th

Knee deep in July, we donned our wide brimmed hats and went for a stroll outside to breathe in some inspiration and soak up some Vitamin D.


Tips & Bits explored the value of keeping marketing messages short and sweet. ‘nuff said!


The Art of Design focused our attention on CD covers. Open yourself to a symphony of inspirational cover design ideas, tutorials, examples, typographically-based designs, conceptual designs, how-tos and tips – all revolving around the CD Cover, a common assignment for many designers.


Graphic Design Roundup unloaded a set of saddlebags stuffed full of freebies, how-tos, tutorials and more. To start, open up a bundle of WordPress themes, 750 icons, a ton of design elements and vectors. Learn a number of terrific productivity tips. And follow along as a few of the best known logos evolve over time.  Giddyup!


Photobomb spread joy to all photographers who were curious about how to work with Google+! There was also an arsenal of examples of reflection photography, 40 FREE Photoshop CS5 videos, 21 new photo sites to keep an eye on, a lesson on creating a photographic logo and a guide to outdoor and camping photography. So tighten up your camera strap and hit the road!


So there it is—already halfway through July! Did someone mess around with the space-time continuum? Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!


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