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Our Daily Best: Week of Jan. 3rd

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We are back into full swing with some 2011 marketing tips, boosting your online clout, new years resolutions and the tricky art of selective color. These are just a few of the wonderful items we gave you during the week and what we think are “Our Daily Best“!


Starting your year and your week off with a BANG. Karen found some great tips and bits to kick start your 2011 marketing including 7 Marketing Tips to Impact Your Sales for Monday’s “Marketing Tips & Bits“.


Get Your Friends to Brag about You was the topic for Tuesday’s “The White List” with tips on getting those who love you, to spread the word about how they love you!


Designers need New Years resolutions too! Mark found a great list of beautifully designed resolutions for 2011 to put on your computer or just about anywhere. Plus a ton of free design resources, inspiration, ideas and so many other wonderful things only at the the “Graphic Design Roundup“.


The mix of color and black & white can be a tricky one so Paul and his Photobomb gave you 10 beautiful examples of using Selective Color Technique.

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