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Our Daily Best: Week of Jan. 17th

Recently updated on November 10th, 2017 at 10:56 pm

You want a better blog? We have your back. You want a better business card? We have your back. You want to be a better designer? We have your back. A better photographer? What do you think? Of course we have your back! That’s what we do! That’s Our Daily Best!


Your company blog not moving the way you want it to? Follow some of Karen’s Tips & Bits for a Successful Company Blog for Monday’s Marketing Tips & Bits. We think the best tip is motivating your employees to contribute.


For the newest NDF blog article, The Art of Design, Mark focused on giving you the best business card design related inspiration, tutorials, resources, and tips. He even found you 125 PSD business card template files to take the design work out of design!


Mark returned with 80+ free high-quality PSD files to give you, even more, design help along with job search help, inspiration, freelance help and tons more, as part of the Graphic Design Roundup.


With even more free stuff, Paul gave 300 Free Album Templates, Layouts, Backgrounds and Edges for all your photography designing needs. This was only one part of this week’s Photobomb which also had the best iPhone apps, DIY tips, and even a photographers exercise plan.

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