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Our Daily Best: Week of Feb. 7th

Not to toot our own horn, but we pretty much rocked it this week on the daily posts. So much free stuff, tips and help we should be knighted.

To us, just another week and it’s just us being Our Daily Best.


Trends You Need to Know for Your Best Marketing started this week off for Monday’s Marketing Tips & Bits, where you can find a great review on today’s Key Trends in B2C and B2B eCommerce.


A brochure can be one of the hardest marketing material to design. Dealing with folds and a huge amount of space, it can get tricky. This week’s The Art of Design focused on this tricky number and provided inspiration, tutorials, tips and free templates to get you creating.


Free was the word of the day on Wednesday for the Graphic Design Roundup, where you could find a free brand identity package, free fonts, free textures, free icons and more.


How to Shoot Amazing Water Droplet Macro Photographs. That’s all you have to do this weekend because they will come out AMAZING. Plus tips galore in this week’s Photobomb.


Fridays are now featuring a wonderful new weekly series, called Finding Yourself, featuring tips, ideas and tools for all your SEO needs. This week we featured 10 Local Business Listings to Claim yourself, with Google Places (not surprisingly) at the top.


You can find yourself here every week for the best of the best of our daily posts, featuring Marketing, Design, Photography and now SEO! Even better, come back every day and catch the fish fresh!


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