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Our Daily Best: Week of Feb. 28th

Recently updated on November 6th, 2017 at 11:27 pm

Another week has slipped by and we hope you’ve enjoyed our offerings of marketing tips, design directions, photography ideas and other articles presented to get your gray matter percolating. You won’t want to miss a single entry — each one is worth your attention.


We began with a few Tips & Bits about the changes affecting our affair with Facebook. Learn what the switch to iFrames means and how it will impact users and owners. Make sure you’re keeping up with the “800-pound-gorilla” in the social networking game.


The Art of Design tastefully demonstrated the importance of menu design with regard to the successful operation of a restaurant. This blog was a veritable buffet of menu design tips and galleries of dazzling menu designs upon which to feast your eyes.


Graphic Design Roundup really gave you the business this week with more than 100 FREE business card templates to download and an eyeful of stunning business card designs. Who would have thought so much creativity can be displayed in a mere 2” x 3-1/2” of space?


We focus our attention on YOU with great info like how to make your own photoblog, how to sell your prints, what to do with those old film cameras, ten must-know photo tips, and how to build a camera shoulder rig on the cheap from PVC. Oh and just a little something called 45 Totally Awesome Tutorials and Techniques to Become a Master of Photography! Get busy! This Photobomb is aimed at you.

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