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Our Daily Best: Week of Feb. 14th

As the days go by, we have the chance to be the best we can be, everyday. That takes learning, trying, failing and getting better. That’s why we do Our Daily Best for you. We aspire to help you to become better at what you already do well.

You can find yourself here every week for the best of the best from our daily posts, featuring Marketing, Design, Photography and more! For even better results, check the NDF Blog every day and catch the fish fresh!


A jolly good laugh ol chap; that’s how we get you started off for Monday’s Marketing Tips & Bits, with some Funny Twitter Tips and Bits.


The Art of Design spent its time on Stickers this week with 121 Amazing Sticker Design examples for inspiration; and even more with tutorials, tips and free templates to help keep the world sticky with beautiful design.


As a designer do you hit that point that you wish you knew how to code. I mean really code. Wednesday, at the Graphic Design Roundup, Mark provided a Full Beginner’s Guide to Coding, as well as a ton of free design files, wordpress themes, icons, and tips so you can use all that new knowledge. Check it out. Get better.


Holgas can be an amazing cheap little camera with the right manipulation. One way is to Shoot 35mm Film with a Holga where you get some amazing Sprocket Hole Panaramas. We didn’t know what that meant either until we saw it. Just part of all the things you can learn how to do with your camera this weekend by checking out this week’s Photobomb.


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