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Our Daily Best: Week of August 22nd

Turbulence was the theme that swept the nation. From hurricane Irene in the east, to dust storms in the desert, to heavy winds emanating from the political front. Even the ground shook under the feet of those who aren’t familiar with seismic activity. We want to shake up your world a bit with a fresh supply of topics for your grey matter to ponder.


Tips & Bits turned our minds toward the measurement of online performance. Here’s a step-by-step method to follow that will help make it easier to assess your brand’s impact on the internet. So open up you spreadsheets and start inputting your data!


The Art of Design explored the excitement that can be generated by a business card design that incorporates the element of die-cutting. This technique, that is an example of a technological holdover from the days of letterpress, can really make a business card stand out!


Graphic Design Roundup covered a lot of ground to bring you a plentiful stock of Bokeh resources, logos and posters for inspiration, wedding invitation designs to learn from, tips on creating a “perfect” landing page, flyer design ideas, HTML5 tutorials, and more.


Photobomb dropped a full load of material to absorb. Tips for the tenderfoot shooter, a look at traditional darkroom photography, the latest food photo trends, a DIY-dream-come-true How to build a cyclorama, advice on taking auto photos, tools for close-ups, best use of white space, and more.


Free Fridays: The frenzy continues with FREE wood wallpapers, vector recycle symbols, resume templates, Drupal themes, Photoshop brushes, Corneristic vector icons, PSD website templates, WordPress Themes, Dual Monitor wallpapers and more. Go ahead, help yourself – it’s FREE!


Hopefully, your world is on solid ground. For those who had to evacuate, our prayers are with you. Good luck and we hope you’ll join us again on Monday.

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