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Our Daily Best: Week of August 15th

It’s half past August and our thoughts have turned to bringing summer to a memorable close and getting the kids back to school. Meanwhile we’re back at work sending you our best ideas.


Tips & Bits schooled us on how to deal with bad PR cause by unforeseen problems (whether they are intentional or accidental). If you plan on being in business for any length of time, your day will come. Be prepared by knowing what to do in advance.


The Art of Design turned the tables today with advice for the cash-poor but ambition-laden Do It Yourselfer. Learn the bare-boned basics if designs – at least enough to get a start-up started. Later, when the cash is flowing, bring in a designer who knows the score.


Graphic Design Roundup let loose a stampede of letterhead, business card and logo designs, tutorials on Text Effects, Fireworks and Banner Animation, as well as some FREE landing page templates, power tools for web designers and tips on taking QR Codes to the next level.



Photobomb sizzled with ideas for portrait photography, how to build an online portfolio, inspirational examples of aerial photography, and tips for taking stock photos, landscape shots, as well as a cool behind the scenes glimpse at a Net Geo shoot. Breathtaking!


Free Fridays filled us with GLEE thanks to all the goodies. FREE PSDs, FREE online data backup service, FREE mobile WordPress themes, FREE character set, FREE banner slideshow Magento extensions, FREE abstract backgrounds, FREE commercial type fonts, FREE WP magazine themes, and Magento e-commerce store themes. Freeeeeek Out!


Did that week whip by or what? We covered a lot of territory. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
See you on the day that begins with M!

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