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Our Daily Best: Week of April 25th

As we bid April a fond farewell, we cautiously dip our toes into May. Over the past five days, we’ve savored the sage advice found in Tips & Bits. We’ve been schooled by the wealth of valuable information brought to our attention by The Art of Design and Graphic Design Roundup. And we felt the power of Photobomb’s substance. Let it all happen to you!


Tips & Bits unearths the value of gold in recent marketing campaigns and products. As the rising price of gold gains the attention of mainstream audiences, will the magic rub off onto companies who wish to capitalize on the glitter of gold’s worth? Find out more…


Book ‘em, Mark-o! The Art of Design made us surrender to a massive serving of booklet design assistance. Open yourself to 33 catalog designs, 30 booklet design examples, booklet design tips and principles, 5 tips for cover design, layout tips, design elements and instructions for everyone from beginner to pro.


Graphic Design Roundup stampeded us with a herd of 100 business card design examples, a collection of modern church and religious logos, 31 stunning typography examples, a selection of creative carvings, a photographic history of the computer mouse, 50 creative and effective Call to Action buttons, and more. Don’t just sit there, click on something!


Ready for a few timely tips? Photobomb creates a shockwave of learning opportunities with a lesson in lighting, pointers on better shooting at the zoo, ten tips that focus on food styling, a primer on how to turn your photos into a coloring book, a close up on macro photography, and how to edit 500 pictures in 240 minutes! It’s an overwhelming array for the photo-phile!


We grabbed our paychecks and hit the trail. But we left you with a few last tips to take with you.
Get the most out of your images on your site with 5 Simple SEO Tips for Image Search. Here’s hoping our paths cross again on Monday!


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