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Our Daily Best: Week of April 18th

Another five business days scurried across the pages of the calendar. Before we dive into the weekend, let’s see what sort of progress we made. As usual, we began with the best of intentions – helping you organize your mountains of paperwork. We followed that up with a triple dose of visual stimulation. And we wrapped it up with our fun Friday free-for-all. Cheers!


Tips & Bits offered up some practical advice to those who are responsible for organizing the paperwork and marketing materials of an organization. This will help avoid the embarrassment of handing out sales materials with last year’s prices and other similar calamities.


Everything you ever wanted to know about designing DVD covers was uncovered by The Art of Design. Free templates, tons of inspiration, ideas and tricks of the trade are yours. Do they really judge a DVD by its cover? Find out and start creating these design solutions yourself.


 Sweet inspiration for ads, brochures, skateboards, illustrations, photography, calendars, origami, portraits and other artistic endeavors are the contents of this highly motivational Graphic Design Roundup.


Photobomb gave us a bushel of brilliant subjects including how to take sunrise portraits, secrets to better kid photography, famous photography quotes for inspiration, making smart decisions about color, tips for photo business owners, plus photography apps for Android Tablets.


We brought the week to a close by acknowledging Earth Day – a bit of history about this significant occasion. Hope the E-bunny hides a bunch of candy eggs in your backyard! See you next week and we’ll roll out our lineup of smashing bloggery.


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