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Our Daily Best: Week of April 11th

While spring was roaring in like a lion, another week rushed by! We hope the past days have been productive and fulfilling. We’ve been doing our best to stoke your fires of creative passion. If you stuck with us all week you got a lesson in history, new marketing ideas for bookmarks, dazzling designs and fresh photography. Here’s the Friday recap.


Tips & Bits provided a retrospective view of pamphlets and how their historic use can be compared to the place that blogging holds in today’s digital media. Turn the page!


The Art of Design bowls us over with bookmarks! Useful, fun, inexpensive and powerful – the bookmark is the unsung hero of marketing. Learn how to use them in campaigns, discover creative ideas to design them, and develop a true admiration for these little place holders.


Graphic Design Roundup left us speechless with over a thousand Photoshop tutorials, 70 more creative type fonts, lots of free vector files, a fresh supply of ideas for business cards and mini biz cards, too. Plus a series of epic Photoshop fails that will make you ROFL!


Photobomb filled us with inspiration, tax tips for photogs, time lapse tricks, how to make a DIY flash ring, a lesson in capturing motion, a tutorial for visual storytelling, ideas for seriously spectacular slo-mo effects and more. Now focus!

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