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Our Daily Best: Week of October 17th

We’re closing in on Halloween folks! If you haven’t decided on a costume, you better hurry! If you’re responsible for creating Halloween themed decorations, invitation or promotional tools, you still have time thanks to our rapid turnaround and speedy shipping options.


Tips & Bits – Gave some serious thought to a topic that has been a concern of marketing people and designers for ages. They say less is more, but is it? Scientists have actually studied this conundrum. Discover the interesting results! Read on!


The Art of Design – Some works of art hang on the walls of museums…and some will hang on doorknobs of homes. Here are some great ideas and inspiration for the creation of effective doorhangers – one of the most versatile marketing tools you can find.


Graphic Design Roundup – Logos are an important element of branding. Discover a new book dedicated to the logos created by one of the leading design firms in America. You’ll see many of the most widely recognized logos ever created.


Photobomb – A lesson in portrait photography is the focus of this post. Discover some of the secrets of professionals that yield shots that earn a place in magazines such as National Geographic, People, Time and others.


Free Fridays – The frenzy rolls on with a new collection of FREE goodies for our faithful followers. Enjoy these icons, fonts, templates and backgrounds – the price is right!

That’s it for another week of your favorite blog! See you back here on Monday when it starts with a new installment of fresh input for that beautiful computer sitting between your ears!

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