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Old School Rules in Modern Marketing

According to Clickz, direct marketing principles that drive CRM marketing are still the building blocks to marketing success.

The news source reported that the goal of marketing is always to educate the consumer and drive their behavior toward the product or service being marketed. This holds true for print, social or online marketing equally. That is a positive for direct marketing campaigns – they are easily measured.

One example of an integrated marketing campaign that is using measurable tactics is Coca-Cola's latest campaign that is focusing on The Special Olympics in Athens, Greece. The Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company will support the Special Olympics by communicating positive messages to millions of Coca-Cola customers. The theme consists of people sharing supportive messages with the athletes online, on television, through in-store displays and in "Coca-Cola Happiness Bottles" on display at competition venues.

This marketing tactic is educating consumers, engaging them to participate in the Summer Olympics through Coca-Cola brand initiatives and altering their behavior to then drink Coca-Cola products, ideally.  

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