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Ohio city uses direct mail postcards to send important driver safety message

Businesses and organizations use direct marketing platforms such as mail when they need to ensure that consumers or residents receive a certain message. This is why local officials use print brochures or flyers to warn of neighborhood parking changes, snow removal or other pieces of information residents need to know.

Businesses can employ this same technique to promote their services, and no item is more direct in its message than a postcard.

The city of Dublin, Ohio, recently took up a direct mail postcard initiative focused on a message that it found to be important: texting while driving.

Approximately 15,000 postcards were delivered this month warning residents of the proven dangers associated with sending mobile text messages while driving. The campaign also involved pledge forms and even a line of car decals.

"I am really proud of their effort regarding the work city staff has put into the education initiative," Dublin Councilman Michael Keenan told Columbus Local News. "Speaking for myself, I am happy to share our education campaign with our suburban neighbors as well."

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