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Now Offering Appointment Cards, Catalogs, and Loyalty Cards!

You’ve asked for more custom printed products to help your business grow and prosper, and we’re delivering. NextDayFlyers is now offering three new products for you to add to your marketing arsenal: appointment cards, catalogs, and loyalty cards.

Appointment Cards
Appointment CardsIf you are managing a business where clients schedule appointments you already know just how important it is for clients to arrive on time and utilize the valuable slot you’ve held open for them. Missed appointments create inefficiencies, down time for staff, and most importantly reduced income. A wonderful way to lessen the no-show rate is to fill out appointment cards and provide them to your clients. By having someone on your team fill out the appointment cards it ensures there is no confusion on the time or date of the appointment. The appointment cards serve as a physical reminder which can be kept in a wallet for easy reference, or placed in view in areas such as on a refrigerator or on a bulletin board.

For more information, check out our appointment cards.


CatalogsBusinesses of all sizes use catalogs every day. Whether you are a heading to a trade show and need materials to hand out to attendees or you are a mid-size business and mail out marketing pieces to your buyers, catalogs are a time-tested method of showcasing your products in a bright light which can create interest and generate revenue. Boost awareness of your brand, product, and services by offering your customer base a catalog that features copy and images to intrigue your buyers and get them to pull the trigger on the purchase.

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Loyalty Cards
Loyalty CardsA great technique to obtain repeat customers is to reward them with a free item or service. Loyalty cards work very well for lower-priced consumer goods which are bought frequently and repeatedly. Businesses such as car washes, nail salons, coffee shops and ice cream parlors can keep customers coming back time and time again with offers such as “buy ten, get one free.” Printed loyalty cards make tracking the purchases easy. It’s as simple as marking the card with a unique hole-punch, branded stamp, or the initials of a manager each time the customer comes in and makes a purchase. Loyalty cards are printed on thick durable card stock and can withstand repeated handling.

For more information, check out our loyalty cards.

These new offerings will be printed using state-of-the-art, high-speed offset presses and will go through our 33 quality inspection checkpoints.

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