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Nonprofits Benefit from Direct Mail, Research Shows

Nonprofit and charitable organizations face a number of challenges in attracting donations to their various causes. Accordingly, it is is especially important for professionals in this sector to develop effective marketing strategies to raise awareness of their groups' goals and to promote giving.

As to what channels nonprofit organizations find most effective in attracting donors, new research suggests that integrated campaigns that utilize both print and online media produce the greatest results.

New research from Target Analytics, a branch of software firm Blackbaud, shows how the majority of donations are delivered through direct mail, but a large amount of nonprofits also market and solicit through this channel as well. In addition, online donors tend to be younger and have larger household incomes.

"The Internet is becoming an increasingly important acquisition channel but has not proven to be as effective for retention," said Rob Harris, Target Analytics' director of analytic products.

"It is the ability of online-acquired donors to use another channel – that is, to start giving through direct mail – that significantly boosts the long-term value of this group of donors," Harris added.

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