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NextDayFlyers Joins Forces with the Post Office for Low-Cost Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Recently updated on October 17th, 2017 at 11:55 pm

every door direct mail postcardThe US Postal Service has introduced a fantastic new low-cost direct mailing service for small businesses to target local neighborhoods. Called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM™), the service is revolutionizing the way that businesses direct mail market their products and services. At NextDayFlyers, we have been quick to see the benefit of this service for our own small business customers and we have become a USPS preferred partner – providing the widest range of USPS approved postcards of any online printer.

Send Bigger Postcards at a Massively Reduced Cost
The reason why we were so quick to embrace this service is that it is hugely beneficial to our customers. Our small business customers can save hundreds of dollars by using this simplified service rather than traditional mailing services. At just 14.5¢ per postcard, it gives small businesses the chance to promote their products and services without the high cost and fuss that you normally associate with direct mail marketing; you don’t need an expensive postage permit (which will cost you $450 just to open an account), you don’t need to go through the cost and hassle of providing a mailing list and you don’t even need a mailing address!

Direct mail marketing is normally reserved for bigger companies who can afford to mass market themselves. EDDM™ represents an opportunity for local companies to “level the playing field” and start their own direct marketing campaigns. In fact, it can give local businesses a sizable advantage by enabling them to send much bigger postcards. The low price of 14.5¢ per piece can be applied to ANY size of mailer. As a preferred USPS partner, we supply 8.5×11 postcards and larger for “mailbox-busting” direct mail promotions to make your business stand out.

How it Works
EDDM™ has simplified the whole direct mail marketing process. Instead of specific addresses being targeted, EDDM™ works on location targeting in which every address on a postal route is delivered a postcard promotion along with the day’s mail. It’s such a simple solution but is hugely effective for restaurants, auto dealers, real estate firms, clothing stores, and hundreds of other businesses that rely on walk-in local customers.

Success Story
Direct mail is statistically one of the most effective forms of advertising for any business. It delivers a higher return-on-investment than any other medium. Every dollar spent on mailers returns an average of $12.57 in sales! And with 3-out-of-4 people reading direct mail, you are also guaranteed to get seen by the majority of people you send your mailers to.

Direct mail really works for people and getting to deliver postcards for such a low price is a godsend for many businesses. This is reflected in the ton of positive feedback that the USPS website has been getting since the service was introduced at the beginning of the year. There are many stories from customers who have had major success in promoting their business and finding fresh new leads. Bath Max, a bathtub remodeling service in Bloomingdale, Ill., for instance, has been delivering EDDM™ postcards around the nearby neighborhoods to get people into their store. They’ve seen a lift in store traffic and sales – so much so that after initially mailing only 1,000 cards, they’ve boosted that number to closer to 80,000:

“It’s really working for us,” says Sandy Hopkins of Bath Max. “The program is really bringing us some good leads. I like knowing right where they’re going.”

Postcards for every door direct mail
8.5″x11″ and larger sizes available at NextDayFlyers for EDDM direct mail

Print the Biggest and Best EDDM™ Postcards with NextDayFlyers
EDDM™ presents business with the opportunity to go super-sized with their postcards and NextDayFlyers provides the most postcard sizes for EDDM™ (It’s a match made in heaven!) We can also do the batching of your mailers in USPS required sets of 50 – ready for post office drop-off.

EDDM™ is transforming the small business marketing landscape and making it so much easier and more affordable to direct mail market your business. If you are a small business owner than you should try it out yourself. See our special EDDM™ postcard sizes and discover more about this fantastic new program.




12 thoughts on “NextDayFlyers Joins Forces with the Post Office for Low-Cost Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

  1. I am a Club President in a Palm Desert CA senior citizen community.

    We’d like to know if we might use your services to send out about 1,000 – 1,500 post cards to selected households (we have a mailing list) within our 5,000 home community.

    Please respond by return e-mail or, if you wish, you can call me at 760-636-5560 during west coast business hours.

    Many thanks.


  2. Hi Mike. If you have a specific list, you will have to use traditional direct mailing services. We offer those too You can call us on 800 251 9948 to talk to one of our friendly reps about setting your mailing campaign up.

  3. Hi Bret. If all the businesses you wanted to target were in a specific postal range, then yes, you could.

  4. Ben
    I would like to mail to 20K carrier routes in the Texas area and I am in California. Please let me know if I can do that with this service.

  5. I was wondering if this service could target only businesses in specific zipcodes. Also what is the minimum quantity for this type of service? Thanks.

  6. Hi Matt. EDDM doesn’t really work on a list basis. It’s geo-targeting rather than list targeting. We have traditional direct mail services too for specific lists. I would strongly suggest you went that route if you want to target specific addresses. Here’s a link to further info:

    Call this number to get a quote and some expert advice on direct mailing: 800-251-9948

  7. Hi Joe You can target specific areas that had industrial parks or office properties but you can’t target specific businesses.

  8. Hi Ellen. Call this number for all the info and advice you need: 800 932 7026. We have dedicated specialists that can advise you.

  9. Hi Stacy, this can be done with EDDM or saturation mail. Please call this number for specific details: 800 932 7026

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