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Nextdayflyers’ Celebrates Earth Day

Recently updated on December 13th, 2010 at 06:34 pm

In celebration of Earth Day here at Next Day Flyers we’re working behind the scenes to make the world more Earth Friendly. For instance, we’ll soon be using sources that offer more recycled paper. Our mailing service will also help you eliminate duplications and inactive addresses so your mailing list is clean and green. And for a long time we’ve been using UV coating that is solvent free. Our excess paper waste is recycled – not incinerated or dumped in a landfill. Plus we offer our customers easy online ordering and proofing.

And, in special honor of Earth Day this year, we’re reusing and recycling portions of a previous Next Day Flyers’ blog article that we first posted in October 2008.

11 Tips for Helping Your Business Go Green

1. Make Recycling Easy for Employees

Next to every printer in your office you should have a receptacle that is dedicated to recycling paper. This may seem obvious but is often overlooked. The bottom line here is, if you don’t have a bin for recycling, people aren’t going to recycle.

2. Incorporate Recycling Logo into your Print Design

Add a note on all your direct mail items that that remind readers the piece is recyclable. You can do this just by adding the recycle logo.

3. Use Green Proofing

Instead of printing out a hard copy of your latest manifesto to edit, try emailing a proof to two or three people. They’ll give you fresh eyes and catch more mistakes than one person looking at a hardcopy.

4. Re-check your Mailing Lists

Make sure addresses are up to date, especially if you’re using an in-house list that’s more than a few months old. If you’re buying a list, make sure to ask your list provider if bad addresses and duplications have been cleansed. Though it seems like that’s something they would do automatically, you may need to double check since it often costs a nominal fee to perform. In the long run, you’ll save – since it’s less postage and less paper.

5. Green Chat

Almost everyone uses email these days, but what about one-off meetings where you inevitably have to jot something down. Try using internal messaging like skype, or google talk, which incorporates google document sharing and project management. It’s easy to install, you can quickly send files and make comments in real time. Plus, it keeps a record of the entire conversation you can refer to later.

New 2010 Tips:2

6. Turn off Equipment

You can reduce energy costs considerably (up to 25%) by turning off equipment when not in use and if you turn computers off at the end of the day you can see as much as a 50% reduction.

7. Reduce FAX Waste

Use a cover sheet only if absolutely needed and use a FAX modem so you can send directly from your computer.

8. When you Must Print

Print double-sided documents when at all possible.

9. Buy Local

When you purchase services from the local community you reduce the amount of energy it takes to get your products to you.

10. Get Used Office Furniture

Before you stock up on brand new office furniture find ways to refurbish the old or purchase used. You’ll also save money.

11. Encourage Employee Telecommuting

If your business is able, encourage those employees that can to work from home at least part of the time. This cuts down on emissions, as well as time and employee money spent.


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