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Next Day Flyers’ Featured Customer – Azad

Next Day Flyers’ Featured Customer –
Azad: Photographer and Graphic Designer

“Good photography makes eye contact.”

Azad, of azadphoto, has spent the last 20 years photographing art and he also helps artists advertise their own work by using his talent to design and develop their promotional material. Over the years the Azadphoto team has produced hundreds of projects for artists – from beautiful business cards and postcards to full color flyers and high-end elegant catalogs.

Azad uses Next Day Flyers’ products to leverage his business. His imaginative flair takes him beyond the norm, while his life focus on “wisdom, creativity, and responsibility,” dictates that he provide his clients with solid products grounded in good business practices.

Azad has been a Next Day Flyers’ customer for years. Next Day Flyers’ quick turnaround time allows Azad to provide his clients with what they need, as soon as they need it. He does not hesitate to recommend Next Day Flyers to other photographers and graphic designers because of the “consistent high quality combined with low prices.” Through the years Azad has used other printers but feels that no one compares with Next Day Flyers.  “I feel confident that my choice of Next Day Flyers as my printer is the best value for my customers.”

Azad Offer’s His Clients the Following Next Day Flyers’ Products:

Artist Statement Cards

Azad finds that these cards are a highly successful promotional product.

For Azad’s version of an “Artist Statement Card,” he uses a 4×9 card (listed on Next Day Flyers as Rack Cards)  that acts like a mini portfolio. He designs each card with 4 – 5 images of the artist’s work. He thinks of the Statement Card as a form of “focused marketing” because the shape of the card dictates a layout that takes the viewer’s eye from image to image. This makes the images more memorable as compared to a card with a layout where the pictures are more grouped.


Azad designs postcards in many sizes for his clients including  4”x6″, 4”x9”, 5.5″x8.5″, and 6″x9.” Though he often prefers the 4×6 size because it fits in a regular business envelope.

Color Business Cards

Azad feels that the key to a successful business card for artists and designers is placing a good color image of their work on the card. “Even a truly well-designed business card on a nice custom stock is not as memorable as a good color image of your work.” Business cards are an excellent, inexpensive way to be remembered by your clients and potential clients.

Catalog sheets / Flyers

Azad feels an excellent use of flyers for artisans who feature reproducible objects is to use the flyers as a means for ordering and re-ordering. He uses two basic formats for these; the single photograph with many objects featured in a tasteful layout and the multi-photo layout, again featuring what he calls “focused marketing,” where the eye moves from image to image.

The single shot flyer is more economical and perfectly suited for many lines. The multi-image flyer is often best suited for higher end items or items which have greater detail to be shown.


Well-designed catalogs (nextdayflyers’ booklets) are a comprehensive offering of an artists’ line – a gallery to go. Catalogs can be printed and bound in a number of ways on various paper stock and can be of any size.

Custom Projects

Not one to limit imagination, Azad also gives his customers the opportunity to order custom items for those “special creative ideas.”

Azad describes himself as a well-traveled mystic, artist, friend, and businessman. We’d like to say, Thank You, Azad, for serving the world of artists. You can check out azadphoto here.

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