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New smartphone app offers postcard delivery from Santa

With the holiday season here, kids are writing to Santa Clause en mass. But one San Francisco entrepreneur developed a smartphone app for kids wondering why they never seem to hear back from Santa.

Through the app, parents can customize a postcard greeting from Santa, including a photo and a personal or pre-written message.

"Kids always write letters to Santa and Santa doesn't write back," said Matt Brezina, creator of the app and founder of email service Xobni. "It's fun for kids to get a postcard back from Santa."

The app is free, while the postcards cost $1.99, which includes printing and postage. Delivery also takes three to five days.

As Christmas approaches, now is a good time to invest in holiday greetings cards or perhaps even your own postcard from Santa. This year, consumer activity during the holiday season has grown significantly, as spending on Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving – grew 9 percent over last year to reach $648 million nationwide.

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