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New Products, New Ideas, and New Marketing Strategies 2013

Make 2013 the year when you come out of the marketing shadows and start getting aggressive with your promotional campaigns. Fortune favors the brave as they say and there’s a world of products and ideas out there to help you take your business to the next level.

NextDayFlyers stepped up its game last year by releasing a truckload of new products into the marketplace to help the small business owner. Here is a guide to a few of those new products and some suggestions on how to use them to build successful marketing campaigns:

Table Tents

This product is particularly relevant in light of the big football game that kicks off on Feb 3rd. Sports bar owners should already have prepared their big day marketing strategies to include special drinks and menu table tents to push offers on big game day. But other bar owners, event planners, point of purchase marketers and small business owners should also be aware of the sheer marketing power of this product that puts an offer in constant view of customers.

Here are some suggestions for ways table tents can be used to market your sales offers in the most direct way possible:

Menus and Special Dining Offers

Probably the most common business use for table tents, they are used to inform customers about new menu items, drinks, cocktails, and lunch offers. A table tent is an invaluable marketing tool.

Tradeshows and Conferences

Used at almost every level of conference marketing, from the catering company’s point-of-purchase menu and service info table tents, to vendors using table tents to promote their products and features, to conference center management using table tents for reception messaging and special conference directions.

Hotel Messaging

Used by hotels for check-in directions and for room instruction and offers, such as channel menus, mini-bar menus, room service menus, wi-fi instructions, and other room messaging.

Table Tents are a Diverse Marketing Product

While table tents are commonly used for restaurant, bars, hotels and nightclub promotions, don’t overlook their usefulness in other areas. Wherever there’s a tabletop, a desk or a shelf, there’s an opportunity for a table tent promotion.

presentation folder printingPresentation Folders

Don’t overlook presentation folders as an important addition to your marketing arsenal. For all types of businesses, a presentation folder quite literally shows that you care about your company’s appearance and organization. A beautifully designed and branded folder represents a a way to tidy up your sales and business information as well as presenting a professional and trustworthy brand. From the event planners who bring a “planning pack” to client meetings, to the financial businesses who use folders for yearly reports, presentation folders define your company as professional and well-prepared.

Here’s an outline of some of the folder uses that you may not have considered:

Press Kits

Use presentation folders as kits for press releases. Media experts, political organizations, marketing companies, and other businesses use presentation folders to professionally distribute information packs for new products, ideas, movie releases, and important data they want to share with media sources.

Sales Presentations

Sales people use presentation folders as info packs to support the sale of their products and services. Use them to present brochures, sell-sheets, samples, price lists, and other info. Give them out on your sales calls or mail them directly to clients.

Hotel Welcome Kit

Our 4×9 mini-folders make the perfect mini-packages for hotels and health clubs. Our particular mini-folder has card holder slits for key cards and pockets to put a welcome note, receipt, menu, or other info sheet.

These are just a few examples of the many businesses that regularly purchase presentation folders for their marketing needs. Add presentation folders to your own marketing efforts to neatly package and present your business.

store_promotionShort Run Posters

For the small business owner who didn’t need a full-scale poster campaign, NextDayFlyers was not a poster printing option. However, in 2012 we released short run posters in all standard sizes for the small business owner to create their own mini-campaigns and to test the market. Now, you can try out your marketing luck with a few well-placed posters on college bulletin boards, flyer posting sites, at the dry cleaners, and other strategic hot-spots. A poster is a tried-and-tested method of getting your business or event recognized (but be sure to get permission before you hang your posters up).

A poster also makes a great point-of-sale promotion for your store or business. It’s a really inexpensive method of drawing attention to a product, sale, or seasonal event. Here are some more ideas for your short run campaigns:

Store Signs

Put your promotion on a large format poster. For a quick and easy promotion, there’s nothing more economical than printing a few big custom posters for use as store signs.

Here are some suggestions for store poster messages:

  • Seasonal sales offers
  • Closing down sales
  • Grand opening sales
  • “For rent” signs
  • “We have moved” signs
  • Product showcasing

Exclusive Artwork & Photography Posters

For artists, illustrators and photographers, putting your work on posters is a great way to distribute and sell your work. At gallery shows, comic conventions or art fairs, it is commonplace to offer exclusive prints of your work for those art appreciators who don’t want to buy original works but would love to decorate their home with your print work.

Please visit our site to see our other new products and to get inspired to travel new marketing paths. Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’re an experienced business person, our advice is to try new things and to push your marketing efforts further. Try new products, seek new audiences, and be more successful in 2013.

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