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New Jersey postcard show displays unique fan base with unique passion

The annual Garden State Postcard Show was held Saturday in Parsippany, New Jersey. The show serves as a venue for postcard enthusiasts to come together, share their collections and swap highlights of the overlooked fan collective.

Don Preziosi is one of those enthusiasts and, in speaking to the Daily Record’s Rob Jennings, mentioned he had amassed a collection of 100,000 to 200,000 postcards from around the world.

Jennings, who has written a book on collectible postcards, American diners and matchcovers, explained his passion for postcard collecting: “You will never see all the postcards that have ever been made … I know there's going to be a card at any show I go to that I've never seen before.”

Another collector, Barabra Booz, reasoned that postcard collecting is particularly interesting among younger generations seeking to experience a bit of nostalgia from their youth, even as the enthusiasm for postcards becomes surpassed by the rapidity of modern media.

In its 51st year, the Garden State Postcard Show exemplifies an undying passion for print media. To many of the show’s attendees, postcard collecting is about more than a mere hobby. It is about grasping history in the palm of your hands. To them, it is about acknowledging and respecting an item that will endure for generations. 

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