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New Hampshire Fish and Game campaign features absurd depictions of deer hunting

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has launched a unique postcard marketing campaign to promote deer hunting in the Granite State. The postcards, which are being circulated through online and print formats, feature hunters stumbling upon deer footprints the size of trees and scat the size of basketballs.

The campaign, which is obviously intended to be humorous, evokes a style reminiscent of 1950s science-fiction films, with lines like, "Deer hunting in New Hampshire is big…really big!"

"The postcard images sprang from a discussion about the fine art of exaggeration in advertising," said Jon Charpentier, marketing and promotions supervisor for Fish and Game. "They’re funny. While it’s obviously not true that New Hampshire deer tracks are as big as a Volkswagen, we thought the images would give hunters a laugh, start a conversation and get them excited about getting out into the field."

Aside from being a source of good humor, the postcards point out the value of a unique marketing campaign. Laughter and a sense of playfulness about the subject being promoted can often be effective ways to cause consumers to remember advertised services.

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