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Neuromarketing – Forget the Person, Market to the Brain – Really?!

Neuromarketing is, in a nutshell, where marketing and brain science join together. But why is it a match made in marketer’s heaven?

It all began in 2004 with a study out of the Baylor College of Medicine which tied customer brand exposure (in this case Coca-Cola) and MRI readings. The readings showed drinkers’ noggins lit up like Christmas trees after they sipped the branded Coca-Cola” which led to the conclusion “our brains confirm that the brand with the more effective marketing wins….2”Even if you are a little squirmy with MRIs and the concept of marketing straight to a person’s brain rather than the person themselves, you might want to consider using some of the information. It just might improve your bottom line.

So, here are seven “keys” to unlocking your customers’ brains – spoken straight from the brain itself.

1. I am self-centered and lazy.

In many ways I’m a two year old that never grew up. When it comes to making decisions the world really does revolve around me, so you’d better let me know how your product or service can create pleasure, reduce pain, or make a difference in my life.3 And I don’t want to put any effort into figuring those things out. So don’t go for abstract messages – keep things simple, strong and in my face. Thanks.

2. I like bright shiny things that stand out.

When I keep seeing the same thing over and over I kind of space out. So give me contrast by standing out from your competition and the millions of messages I’m bombarded with every day. I don’t want to hear that you are the “leading provider” (which means to me you are a provider among many), I want to hear you are the “only provider4” because that makes my decision so much easier.

3. I love short stories.

I find it easier to pay more attention to beginnings and endings than all that stuff in the middle. So could you kind of sum things up for me by recapping your strongest selling points at the end of your spiel? 2

4. I make decisions based on strong images

Show me, don’t tell me. The oldest part of me, the area where I make decisions, is for the most part visual. So please don’t drone on and one about why your product is so great. Show me!4

5. For me, emotion trumps reason

The trick to winning me over is to grab me emotionally so I pay attention long enough until I get to the rational selling part.4

6. Tell me the truth

Long before the body knows it, I am well aware of whether something is true or not. When I hear something that is not true, it makes me uncomfortable, which is probably not the feeling you want me to associate with your business.4

7. I like baby steps

I’m much more likely to agree to do something big if I’ve done something small along the same lines before. For instance, if you want to pay me to put a large billboard in my front yard I’m seven times more likely to do it if I’ve first agreed to put a smaller postcard in my window.4

Well, there you have it, straight from the brain. Use the information at your discretion.


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