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Innovative Postcard Marketing

When we talk about postcards, which have been around for 150 years, give or take (the private postal card was first developed by John Charlton in 18611), it’s easy to feel as if everything under the sky has already been tried. Not true! To spark your creative flow so you can come up with some innovative postcard ideas of your own here are some pretty cool marketing ideas.


The Broad Brush Blog (Link)

Todd Jordan, author of The Broad Brush Blog, started a unique and personal social networking postcard project. Every week he selects a few of his contacts and sends them a local area postcard. He then advertises who is getting a card that week.


Postcrossing (Link)

This project allows you to exchange hardcopy postcards from “random places in the world.” What a fun way to network. And it’s free.


Innovative promotion and celebration of diversity (Link)

From the College of North West London  in the UK. This particular postcard project was designed to “promote equality of opportunity and diversity.” Postcards and posters were produced that conveyed different messages – each celebrates diversity.


Postcard Promotion Ideas (Link)

Postcard puzzle. When you’re trying to get a company as a client – send a different puzzle piece staff members and “encourage them to put the puzzle together.”
Cryptic Clues: Build intrigue by creating a postcard series that has ‘clues’ to your identity:  “Your (cool company name) is coming…”, “(Your cool company name) will be here in two weeks…”, “(Your cool company name) will call you tomorrow…”.  Then when you call them, voila’. Mailing Services
Yes, we print postcards and offer mailing services which can save you time, energy, and money.    


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