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Narrow Down Your Marketing Prospects

So-called "spray and pray" marketing is a frustratingly common direct mail marketing strategy – frustrating for recipients of irrelevant content and frustrating to marketers who waste money on such strategies.

As digital media becomes the preferred communications method among consumers, unsolicited and indiscriminate direct mailings are becoming more and more intolerable. Instead, small businesses and entrepreneurs in particular need to hone in on their targeted markets and provide relevant and engaging content.

"Homing in on smaller groups, targeting specific people and tailoring each piece of communication to be hyper-relevant to the recipient is the approach that small businesses need to take to penetrate, and succeed, with their target market," writes Ryan Caligiuri for the Globe and Mail.

It is surprising to many that "spray and pray" is as popular as it is, especially considering the substantial expense involved. Not only can targeted, content driven direct mail help generate greater response rates, it is also less expensive to print, in that less materials are needed to implement an adequate campaign.

All that said, there is no question that direct mail remains a popular marketing channel. In fact, a recent survey by Luma Technologies found nearly three-quarters of respondents use direct mail at either the corporate level or on a franchise/branch level.

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