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More Than One-Thirds of Print Marketers Claim to be ‘Environmentally Sensitive’

The so-called "green marketing" sector is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years, as environmentally-conscious consumers continue to demand similar mentalities from the brands they trust.

However, the commercial printing industry seems to be facing an even greater challenge than other markets, in that it is in direct competition with digital, more "green" web-based alternatives.

To address this concern, the most recent WhatTheyThink Economics & Research Center Business Conditions survey points out the growing number of businesses in the print sector that are ramping up their environmental and sustainability efforts.

Specifically, the report found 35 percent of respondents claimed to identify their marketing and sales materials and promotions as "environmentally sensitive" – up from merely 26 percent in 2008. Additionally, 21 percent of respondents stated they currently have a certified environmentally sustainable printing initiative in place.

More importantly, the report seeks to address the criticism that print is an inherently unsustainable industry.

"The more printers who don't see the value in sustainable print themselves," the report points out, "the more it reinforces the belief of those who feel that print is an environmentally unfriendly medium."

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