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Meeting the Green Demands of Consumers

Especially over the past few years, green marketing has become an important aspect of any businesses' advertising and promotional strategies.

As consumers become more and more environmentally conscious, businesses are forced to meet their demand for sustainable products, services, supply chains and practices. Green marketing refers to the process of promoting those business trends.

One of the major environmental concerns among consumers, particularly office workers, is printing, and the corresponding paper consumption and ink toxins.

According to a recent survey from International Data Corporation, 61 percent of business employees claim the environment is an important consideration in deciding whether or not to print. However, only 16 percent of workers actually act on those considerations.

Fortunately, most companies are enacting green policies to help satisfy consumers' push for green alternatives. For example, Angele Boyd, a general manager at IDC, pointed to the popularization of two-sided printing, restricting banner pages and putting holds on projects.

Other green printing initiatives include sourcing 100-percent recycled paper, using re-manufactured print cartridges and buying energy-saving equipment.

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