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Marketing With A Human-Centric Campaign

My Customer recently identified easy ways to turn a marketing campaign that is usually focused on the product or service, into a campaign that engages the consumer on a human level. Phillip Kotler said in a blog post that human-centric marketing addresses consumers as whole human beings with hearts, minds and spirits.

According to My Customer, running a product or service-focused campaign will restrict the marketer from becoming part of the consumer's lives. But through database analysis, qualitative research and discussions with consumers, marketers can reach them on a human level and develop trusting relationships that lead to repeat purchases.

Marketers must remember that each consumer is unique and should be sent messages and communications that are tailored to their preferences and needs. The brand being marketed must also take on humanistic qualities, so marketers should establish some purpose for the product or service being offered to the consumer. And continually asking for feedback and engaging consumers in some sort of dialogue and discussion will increase testimonials while allowing the customer to feel heard as an unique voice.

Because engaging a consumer can be challenging with the plethora of communication tools available today, an integrated marketing campaign can reach more consumers through various channels. While some customers may respond better to online communications, others may prefer direct mail, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Having arms in numerous marketing mediums can result in higher returns on investments without eliminating any one consumer demographic.  

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