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Marketing to the Baby Boomer Generation

The Baby Boomer generation is a vastly important demographic that businesses need to consider in developing any marketing campaign. Aside from accounting for such a large portion of the overall population, boomers contribute more than $2 trillion in annual spending, according to Greg Bayer of the marketing network Adknowledge.

Accordingly, it’s important to include marketing themes that address the specific concerns of business of this retirement-nearing generation, but are also broad enough to pique the interest of other demographics.

“While it’s important to target your audience with specifically tailored offers that will appeal to their interests and characteristics, it may be worthwhile to generalize efforts so as to draw in slightly younger consumers as well,” Bayer writes. “Play into boomers’ lifestyle traits with offers for physical fitness, leisure, travel and adult education.”

Bayer adds that such a technique will maximize exposure and optimize return on investment. As for what channels baby boomers respond to, it’s important to note their wide range of consumer activity. While millions of boomers frequent the internet, they are also highly attuned to print channels such as direct mail and magazine advertising.

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