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Marketing tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday

There's Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Small Business Saturday – all of which denote a specific segment of the retail economy. These days following Thanksgiving are arguably the most active shopping days of the year, and although it may be difficult for small or even mid-sized retailers to compete with Walmart, Best Buy, Macys or any other big-name brand, there are certain marketing strategies that can improve your business' performance.

First, try to make you brand and your marketing campaign stand out. With so many businesses vying for the same consumers, you cannot rely on the whim of consumers to visit your store or website. Instead, attract them with special offerings and use different marketing materials such as postcards or brochures instead of emails.

It may also help to bolster the loyalty of your most active customer base by offering them rebates or rewards.

"Leverage your customer relationship management software to find your most active customers and send them an attractive, tailored offer, like special pricing, free shipping, gift with purchase or product upgrades," writes Joe Manna for Marketing Profs. "Similarly, you can reward customers who spend a certain amount with credit toward their next purchase."

Make sure service and support is available as much as possible over the next week and follow up on big purchases. Social media should also not be neglected, as many consumers may even be looking for shopping ideas on Facebook, Twitter or foursquare.

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