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Tips & Bits # 16: Trends You Need to Know for Your Best Marketing

1. Room for B2B Marketing Social Media Improvement

It’s time to not just use social media for your business, but to learn how to truly make these channels work for your business.

2. Need for “Honestly Empathetic” Content

Most successful businesses have embraced the need for providing fresh relevant content.

But your content needs to do more. It needs to provide customer value, reflect core values, and be inspired by your “unique perspective.” In other words, it needs to truly engage your readers.

3. To Sell, You Must Serve

Create a marketing focus on helping customers in their daily lives. Do this via content the gives timely, needed, information. Example: Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear course.

4. Content is more than Words

Content also means audiovideo,  charts ,  infographics, illustrations,  photoscartoons,  animation,  SlideShare … and even puppet shows.

5. Key Trends in B2C and B2B eCommerce

From An Endeca Survey Shows that –

  • Consumers are demanding content-driven, multichannel commerce
  • Consumers demand user-centric, anytime/anywhere information, and expect their experience on a mobile device, online, or in-store to be interchangeable – and on their terms
  • That optimizing the user experience with features like enhanced search, navigation, product content, and overall ease of use is a priority for many businesses
  • That improving and leveraging product content is a top priority for many businesses
  • Many of the surveyed companies selected conversion rates and search engine optimization (SEO), leveraging product content across channels, and developing more product information, as the top areas of focus for 2011.
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