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Marketing in a Rebounding Economy

The economy is on the rebound, small businesses are finding access to more credit opportunities, unemployment is falling and marketing budgets are growing. But in improving conditions, it can sometimes be more difficult to manage operations than it would be in a downturn.

At the heart of any emerging market, economy or business venture is marketing, and even more fundamental to this is creativity. In that sense, marketing dollars and large corporate budgets are not what determines success – at least not entirely.

That being said, don't be afraid to embrace traditional marketing techniques such as direct mail, flyers and even street hand-outs. In fact, such promotional strategies can be instrumental in establishing the uniqueness of your brand – a principle marketing objective of any company.

While print can help initiate contact with consumers, social media and other online venues can help further the relationship and turn a consumer into a prospect or customer.

But however creative an idea is, it is worthless if it does not work. Accordingly, take necessary measures to weigh your campaign's effectiveness.

"Just because you've found a marketing strategy that seems to be working doesn't mean that you should blow your entire budget on, say, business cards or vanity phone numbers," writes Rosalind Resnick for Entrepreneur magazine. "Test, measure and test again before rolling out your campaign."

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