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Marketing yourself, your band, or your business with DVD /CD printing

CD and DVD’s are not just for record companies and movie makers. People from all walks-of-life are making their own CD’s and DVD’s to promote their band, package their software, or to create a record of a momentous occasion in their lives. We live in a digital age where the tools to make professional music and videos are readily available to people who just love to record the unique things they do!

At NextDayFlyers, we print a great deal of CD and DVD inserts and we are often astounded by the quality of artwork and the strength of the ideas that people have. From the local band creating their own records to the company that is distributing corporate videos at conferences, inlay artwork has become very sophisticated and promises a treat of sound or vision.

To give you an idea of what people use CD and DVD inserts for Here are some examples of CD and DVD insert artwork that people have created for their personal and business projects:


This booklet and insert were created by a local band to sell and promote their CD at gigs. Although this was an independently produced and funded record, it looks so professional and cool. The edgy artwork is a perfect complement to their heavy rock sound.

The jewel case booklet and insert print option (above) is the easy way for bands, singer-songwriters, and other artists to create professional CDs.


print fashion video

This DVD artwork was created for a portfolio promotion from a young fashion designer who had just exhibited at an LA fashion show. This DVD is a superb promotional tool for her to show to clients, buyers, and other industry people.

For designers, illustrators, and other creative professionals, making a DVD of your show or a CD portfolio of your work is a modern and effective way to get your work seen by galleries, clients, and art directors


christian cd printing

This is a CD booklet and inserts made for a Christian orchestra to make money for the church and for charity causes. Released at Christmas time, this was the perfect gift for congregation members and lovers of uplifting orchestra music.

CD’s and DVD’s are often used by religious and spiritual groups for various kinds of worship, nativity, performances, and prayer.


cd fold out poster

Original source:

This absolutely astounding fold-out poster artwork shows what can be achieved with CD insert printing. Rather than creating a typical CD booklet, the designer, Abradad, has created this impressive and unique folded album artwork to accompany a rap CD.

In a standard jewel case format, you can still create a custom booklet or folded piece for an ultra-impressive CD inlay.



original source:

This beautifully designed fold-out CD insert and booklet for a jazz band was designed by, Bia Van Deventer who specializes in designing for events.

CD’s for promoting and recording live music, events, and other outdoor promotions is very popular and easy-to-do



magician dvd cover

Original source:

This incredible DVD inlay artwork was created by talented designer, Sam Hayles, for a magician DVD.

DVD printing is commonplace for independent artists and independent production companies




Original source:

Another great use of DVD insert printing is to make personal DVD’s of your wedding to commemorate the big day and to give as thank you gifts to family and friends. This beautiful design was created by designer, Kavana Webb for her friends’ nuptials.

Other good personal DVD ideas to share with your nearest and dearest:

  • Baby’s first-year video
  • Family event, tournament, or other party gatherings
  • Family cruise or vacation
  • Collection of family sporting events


business video printing

Original source:

DVD’s and CD’s can be a powerful business tool. Like this how-to-video created (above). Producing a helpful DVD is a a way for companies and business experts to package and sell their skill and know-how. Great design on these color-coordinated DVD training courses too.


For businesses, creative’s, and entertainers, making your own CD/DVD can represent the epitome of your artistic and promotional endeavors. Getting your inlays and booklets printed in high –res offset quality ensures that you receive a professional product that does you justice. Start yours today!

  • NextDayFlyers makes DVD covers and booklets as well as CD inlays for both front and back. We also produce specialized CD and DVD products upon request. Here is a quick guide to our many inlay folds:

cd/dvd booklets folds

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