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Marketing Beverages

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According to an article on Business.com1 one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re in the food and beverage industry is to skimp on food and beverage marketing. Even if your stools are filled with eager patrons on certain nights of the week it’s still important to keep bringing customers in to taste your thirst quenchers. And when it comes to marketing drinks, it can be as basic as the equivalent of the corner lemonade stand you had as a kid, to a full blown high-priced endeavor like the Budweiser frogs we all know and love.

To properly market your drinks, decide what drink(s) you want to market, who your target audience is, and how you’re going to do the marketing. Let’s tackle these in order.

Marketing Issue 1
Which beverages should you market?
To answer this question ask yourself which of the drinks that you offer will best showcase your establishment. Do you have a signature drink? Some really unique seasonal concoctions? Do you offer a particularly large selection of quality wine, beer, or distilled spirits? Market to your strengths.

Marketing Issue 2
Who is your target audience?
When marketing your Can-Only-Get-It-Here drink, think about who is most likely to want to imbibe. Traditionally, beer, for instance, is considered to be a male drink and something like a Pink Lady leans toward the more feminine among us. The more narrowly you can define your intended consumer the greater the effectiveness of your campaign. It is a Pink-Lady-Just-Out-of-College, or Pink-Lady-40-Something?

Marketing Issue 3
How are you going to market your beverage?
Obviously your budget is a primary component in determining your marketing campaign. If you have grand ideas but little money forget the television media blitz and consider something simple and effective. For example, you might consider a well-designed table tent with an outstanding photograph, or send out greeting cards to current customers with a special coupon. Or redesign your cocktail menu to guide customers toward the beverage(s) you’re marketing. And of course if your club has a website this is
a very cost effective way to let people know what specials and drink promotions you have coming up. That is, as long as your target audience uses the Internet.

When is comes to drink marketing, die-cut postcards are a sure fire way of getting your customers’ attention. What’s so great about die-cuts? As Print Solutions Magazine states “If your piece is an unusual shape, you automatically have a leg up on bill collectors.2

A Note on Responsible Drink Marketing
Research from around the world, conducted over decades, has shown a relationship between alcohol beverage advertising and alcohol consumption. So, just as your customers should drink responsibly, marketing responsibly is the ethical thing to do and one that in the long run is likely to increase brand loyalty.3



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