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Marketers and Organizations Spreading Information With Brochures

The Dole Nutrition Institute recently announced its participation in Food Day, a national campaign to encourage making healthy eating choices. Dole will show its support of the national initiative through newsletters, a promotional video, a sticker campaign and informative brochures.

The multi-channel campaign is aiming to reach 100 million consumers, retailer partnerships and an event on Food Day in North Carolina. The newsletter will update customers and retailers on the developments in the campaign, new research on healthy eating and any other activities to engage the audience. The brochures will provide consumers with more information on healthy dietary alternatives, and can be easily distributed in retailers as customers leave and at the event to all attending.

The American Gaming Association's Responsible Gaming Education Week is approaching and the organization, in collaboration with casino operators across the country, is increasing awareness of responsible gaming among employees, gamers and the general public through the use of brochures and other marketing initiatives. According to Online Casinos, the AGA brochures outlines each game's mathematical probabilities and other factors that affect winning and losing, in an effort to prepare gamers for the unavoidable loss. The brochures provide the AGA and casino owners with a convenient educational tool that is both affordable and eye catching.  

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