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Many retailers still rely on print circulars

In this increasingly digital age, most businesses – large and small – rely on a number of different advertising mediums to get their message to prospective customers and clients.

While the retail industry has fared decently emerging from the recession – pulling in more than $32.6 billion in consumer spending this past holiday season, according to ComScore – the sector is constantly evolving its promotional strategies. Even so, print circulars, flyers and newsletters remain some of the most effective marketing tools.

And when it comes to retail, "Nothing is more transparent and ubiquitous than the print circular," writes Supermarket News Editor-in-Chief David Orgel.

One would not immediately assume that Walmart, as the world's largest retailer, would have so much invested in print circulars, but the multi-billion corporation issued some 42 circulars over the past year, according to ECRM.

But even as companies as massive as Walmart point out the value in print advertising and marketing, today's effective campaigns make use of a number of different media that include email, social media, direct mail and search, as well as print.

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