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Make Your Postcard Sparkle

Direct Marketing IQ reported the latest tips on producing postcards with pizzazz to enhance any direct marketing campaign. Different ways to improve postcards include adjustments to size, weight texture.

According to the news source, adjusting the size of a postcard could be make a big difference. While most postcards are the standard size, opting for larger could make your marketing material stand out from the competition. It will also be less likely to get mixed up with other mail items and be discarded unnoticed.

Weight is another factor that marketers can easily adjust. Using a thicker, heavier card stock can force a consumer to notice the item without paying attention. As they sort through their mail they will notice the heavier item and look down to see what it is. This is a great way to grab the consumer's attention without spending too much on extra products.

Texture is something that many marketers decide to add to materials that appeals to the consumer's senses. Similar to weight, if a consumer feels the postcard is textured with a gloss or or raised pattern they will take notice. It often adds luxury to both the postcard and the company brand.

Chief Marketer recently reported an alternative medicine doctor in California used a combination of direct mail, local space advertising and live events to promote his franchises across the country. His mailing pieces, such as postcards and flyers, along with the local ad space all direct consumers to his website for more information. He is able to focus on grabbing consumer's attention with the marketing pieces, as his website will provide more in-depth information to answer all of their questions. 

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