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Make Your Marketing Resolutions for the New Year

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2009 is upon us, parties are being prepared and celebrations are being planned. This is the time of year not only for personal resolutions but for business marketing resolutions as well.

As you prepare your marketing resolutions for the upcoming year, it’s important to take into account the marketing trends so you can take advantage of their popularity. What are the hot trends for 2009? Two fall under digital marketing and one is promotion personalization.1 Here’s what you need to know to utilize these trends:

1. Pay Per Click Marketing
What you need to know: As more people turn to online marketing, it’s going to become more competitive, which means paid search costs are going to soar.
What do to about it: To compensate for higher pay-per-click costs, you’ll need to improve your conversion rates by testing key words and phrases. You will want your landing pages to match specifically with your ads so people get exactly what they expect when they click on your ad.2

2. Mobile Marketing
What you need to know: More and more people are going mobile. No longer do we need to sit in front of a computer to search the Internet – just whip out your smart phone and there you go. As the technology becomes more user-friendly, so will its use and importance in internet marketing.3
What to do about it: Now is the time to create your mobile marketing strategy or improve your existing one. If mobile marketing is all Greek to you, start by learning the basics at Wikipedia – If you feel overwhelmed by all information out there, specialized companies are cropping up everywhere to get you the information you need. A quick Google search on mobile marketing will help you.

3. Personalization
What you need to know: As the recession progresses more and more consumers are going to look for bargains and retention of current customers is key.
What to do about it: Everyone loves a bargain! Be aggressive about incentives and make your customers an offer they can’t resist. Above all, personalize, personalize, personalize! You need to personalize your incentives to meet your customer’s needs. To personalize your promotional campaigns, send out birthday cards and greeting cards for holidays throughout the year, and send or hand out postcards with special bargains for special customers.

Check out 101 New Years Business Resolutions at and here is a marketing survival guide for 2009 –


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  1. So thats what all of you look like! Its nice to see a group of people who work togetehr as a family, your customer service is like that too.

    Here’s wishing all of you a Happy New Year and a great Printing season as well!

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