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Maintaining a Company Message Across Channels

In today's media landscape, which is dominated by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and new mobile technologies, it can be difficult or even confusing to judge what medium is the most effective for a business' individual marketing needs.

A number of recent studies have shown businesses plan to increase their marketing budgets in coming months, but before a small firm begins dumping funds into the marketing department, it is important that they make sure they are properly aligned with other departments, particularly sales.

Jane Porter points out in Entrepreneur magazine that relying too much on your sales force can be a slippery slope. While they are certainly important for the company's bottom line – perhaps even the most important element – the sales team needs to have an unified message.

"Make sure that the materials your sales staff are using when talking to customers are clear and consistent," Porter writes for the magazine. "The sales pitch, company brochures, website and any other marketing tool should all carry the same brand message."

While one does not want to provide each of its marketing channels with identical materials, maintaining a consistent theme across print, social media and other channels is vital.

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