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Maine residents use postcards to deliver political message

In a move that may symbolize the gradual shift from print to digital, citizens of the state of Maine have launched a postcard campaign urging their governor and new attorney general not to challenge the healthcare reform bill passed last year.

The initiative sent more than 2500 postcards – both print and digital – to Governor Paul LePage and Attorney General Bill Schneider requesting the officials to refrain from joining a Florida-based lawsuit that disputes last year’s healthcare reform bill. The suit has already been joined by 20 other states.

The Maine People’s Alliance has sponsored the campaign, adding that approximately 700 of these cards have been sent by small businesses and 500 by doctors, according to WABI-TV 5.

“Governor LePage has said he will not listen to editorials and opinion polls, but we hope he will listen to the people of Maine and decide not to deny care for those who need it,” said Maine People’s Alliance spokesperson Jennie Pirkl.

While the initiative also embraces digital mediums such as social media and email, the postcard campaign shows the value of utilizing traditional mediums to maximize the effectiveness of a political or social message. While emails can easily be deleted, a heap of postcards are a compelling symbol of the people’s will.

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